I adore shopping in general, and bargain hunting specifically .  I find that there are only a small handful of name-brand products that function better than their generic counterparts (for example, I simply cannot live without Tide and its stain-fighting power!), but for the most part, I love the thrill of finding a good deal!  More importantly, I believe that you do not have to sacrifice quality to get a bargain.  Even if you make a decent living, it makes good sense (no pun intended) to know where your money goes and spend (or save) it where you want to.  For me, bargain shopping is also a great way to find unique products…for instance, would you rather go to a chain store and get a vase that was mass-produced and cheaply made in a factory, or go to a second-hand store and get a unique, higher quality, hand-painted vase for a fraction of the price?  

I love reading and the last book I read was The French Chef Cookbook by Julia Child.  My favorite movie genres are horror, fantasy, historical fiction, and thriller (although not necessarily in that order), and three of my favorite movies are Stardust, The Ninth Gate, and Lord of the Rings.  I am enthralled with ancient cultures, especially Rome and Egypt, in large part because of their extensive mythologies.  I enjoy relaxing by bike-riding in the country, cross-country skiing, and knitting.  My favorite foods are (in random order) grapes, Swiss dark chocolate, spinach, and chicken makhani.


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